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Baby wipes

A few months ago I decided to ditch disposable baby wipes for reusable ones. At first I bought a bunch of face washers to use, but soon learned that these were too coarse, so upgraded to some beautiful soft microfibre … Continue reading

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Why I don’t fit in with mums’ groups

Have to laugh at ourselves, I guess! Informed Papa and I found this video hilarious because so much of it sounds like me… the co-sleeping, breastfeeding, pottying, organic food using, sign language using… oh dear!

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Rice milk for infants?

Gah! and double gah!  Since I posted last week about no longer drinking cows’ milk I have been doing some more reading. Boy Wonder (9 months old) is still breastfed, but I have been mixing rice milk in his porridge. … Continue reading

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Label Detective: Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid contains the following ingredients. Interestingly, these are not listed on the product anywhere. The Cussons website provides this ingredient list. Aqua Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate: (petroleum derived) rarely causes allergic reactions; irritation on sensitive skin; some animal studies … Continue reading

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Risky chemicals in non-stick pans

Further to my last post on hormone disrupting chemicals in milk, I stumbled upon a report on two chemicals linked to endocrine disruption which are found in non-stick pans and stain resistant fabrics – and strangely enough are associated with … Continue reading

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Why I no longer drink milk

Milk.  We are raised believing we need to drink it, and that it’s essential to develop strong teeth and bones. Well, that’s bollocks. One of the better books I have ready recently is The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford.  … Continue reading

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Waging the war against chemicals

Early last year, InformedPapa began showing some strange symptoms and wasn’t in full health. Under the care of a naturopath he had some allergy testing with some surprising results. Among them was preservatives.  This kick-started our skills in being label … Continue reading

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