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Paper towel alternative

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself. Healthy Child asked people what the least expensive thing they have done to reduce their family’s exposure to toxic chemicals. One respondent mentioned no longer using paper towels and using old … Continue reading

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Soaking oats

I eat porridge for breakfast most mornings. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t… okay, there was that period of about six months where I ate nothing but fruit until midday (ala Fit For Life style), but apart from … Continue reading

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Soaking dried beans

Informed Papa and I consume a fair amount of canned beans and legumes. Since learning that canned foods contain bisphenol A (BPA) (there are plenty of links about this matter, here’s another one) I’ve been experimenting with soaking and cooking … Continue reading

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Dr. Massage quote

“Around 70 per cent of foods in supermarkets are not fit for human consumption” – Dr Leon Massage, spokesperson for weight loss and nutrition for the Australian Medical Association and medical director for the Body Metabolism Institute.

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Lunchskins for Munchkin

Check out these little beauties! I am using (and reusing and reusing etc.) these instead of plastic bags to cart nibblies around in my handbag for Boy Wonder. When he is big enough to go to kindy or school and … Continue reading

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Banana Bread Informed Mama Style

Bananas are cheap at the moment. I stocked up on plenty with the plan to experiment with some different muffin and bread recipes. Earlier this evening I made the following recipe and I am pleased to report the results are … Continue reading

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Soap nuts

Today I am expecting delivery of some soap nuts I purchased from Earth Conscious Mum and Bub. Soap nuts (or soapnuts) are a berry which contain about 12% saponin, which is a natural detergent. You use them for washing clothes, … Continue reading

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