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When to start solids

Recently I have seen the same question posted again and again to parenting pages and forums about the right age to start a baby on solids, whether that be purees or through baby led weaning. There is confusion and uncertainty … Continue reading

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My adventures in making non-dairy milks

I’ve been experimenting with making my own non-dairy milks because Informed Papa is dairy intolerant. I wish he could just consume raw dairy, life would be much easier!  First up I attempted to make rice milk. I boiled brown rice … Continue reading

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Party time!

When Boy Wonder turned two I put on a morning tea for him and invited family over. He has enough cousins, Aunties and Uncles that we didn’t invite friends, there wouldn’t have been room! Most birthday celebrations for children involve … Continue reading

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Green smoothies

I’m on week five of a daily green smoothie.  We all know that the most nutritious foods are green leafies, and it gets boring to eat piles and piles of the stuff each day, even for someone like me who … Continue reading

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