My cloth nappy (diaper) routine

Sunshine Girl’s Cloth Nappies

A few years back I blogged about how I was doing Elimination Communication with Boy Wonder, which basically meant he did almost all his toileting on a potty, rather than in nappies. It was so easy because I could read his cues. Cues from Sunshine Girl haven’t been as obvious, and I really haven’t put much effort into ECing her. Yet.

Sunshine Girl is in modern cloth nappies/diapers (MCNs), day and night. They are so stinkin’ cute, I love her little fluffy butt! MCNs are easy, but I do remember feeling daunted when I first looked into them for when we were out and about with Boy Wonder. There are so many types and styles, there’s velcro and snaps, minky and PUL, sized and one-size fits all, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, pocket nappies… the list goes on. Even though I felt overwhelmed, I purchased a few to try and from there figured out what worked for me.

I worked out pretty quickly that I prefer snaps to velcro. I have some all-in-ones, which are super easy, but I mostly have pocket nappies. Pocket nappies have an opening in them where you insert boosters made from bamboo or hemp.

This post is not so much about different types of MCNs (although I’d love to answer any questions you may have about them – please ask!), it is about how I take care of them.

I have a large ‘wet bag’ hanging on the edge of the change table. It’s called a wet bag because it can store wet items while inhibiting bacteria. I also have a bucket in the laundry. I put soiled nappies and used wipes into either of these, dry. Yep, no soaking required. Sunshine Girl has only ever had cloth wipes used on her, after I did some detective work to find out what was in regular disposable wipes a few years ago.

Wet bag hanging on the change table

Sometimes I use flushable liners which I lay between the nappy and Sunshine Girl’s skin, so I remove that and flush it away down the toilet. If I haven’t used a liner, I just empty any solids into the toilet and flush it. I bet you didn’t know you are supposed to do that even with disposable nappies! Need proof? Here’s what the box says:


The Huggies Nappy box states – Disposal Instructions: Excess soiling should be removed and flushed down the toilet.

Anyway, every second day I shake the wet bag into the washing machine, as well as any nappies in the dry pail. I have a beeeeeeeeeautiful 10kg front loader, and I select the Rinse cycle only. After the nappies have been rinsed, I add some soap nut liquid. Remember a few years back when I first tried soap nuts? Yes, I completely love them and now I actually sell them. That’s another post! I am so happy to be using something non-toxic and natural for my washing.

Soap nut liquid

So I add ‘some’ liquid. I don’t measure it, I just pour it in. I guess it would be around 40-60mL and I put it into the regular detergent dispenser. I then do a regular wash anywhere from 40-60C degrees. Most importantly, I hang them outside to dry. The sun is an amazing whitener and bacteria slayer.

Then, I bring them in and start over again! If you’re new to cloth nappies, be warned – they are addictive! I have had to stop myself buying new ones which I don’t need, but ohhhh I want because they are so gorgeous! I also have some clever mummy friends who make their own nappies. Soon I will write a post about using MCNs while out and about – it’s also pretty easy to do. Are you a cloth nappy user? Addict? Maker?

MCN stash

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  1. Graunty says:

    in the ‘old’ days when i was ‘young’ a few people told me that they knew I had had the baby (no facebook or mobile phones in those days) cos they could see the ‘flags’ dancing on the clothes line.

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