Conscious eating… raw style

You can’t hang around health circles for any length of time and not hear about / know about the benefits of raw food diets. The basic premise is that you eat raw, unprocessed, plant-based food, based on the belief that heating anything above about 40°C destroys the digestive enzymes. Another compelling case for raw foods is the fact that foods closest to nature contain the most nutrients, are high in antioxidants, and contain beneficial bacteria which assist digestive and immune system function.

With thRaw food books I've recently added to my collectionis in mind, I have spent the last few months purposefully increasing my intake of raw foods. I am not aiming to be 100% raw, I don’t believe that is healthy or balanced. I am aiming to increase my per centage of raw food intake as part of my healthy lifestyle. I’ve been adding raw food recipe books to my collection, watching raw food testimonials and how-to guides on YouTube, and stalking the blogs, Twitter feeds and Instagram accounts of raw food chefs and fanatics. I have also attended a few meet-ups of raw food enthusiasts who get together with a guest speaker to learn with and from each other.

 One incredible clip that piqued my interest was the following about a woman who has been eating raw food for thirty years!

Raw vegan chocolate cake

One of my favourite raw food discoveries has been a raw, vegan chocolate cake by The Wannabe Chef. It has such simple ingredients, is easy to make and has avocado frosting! I have made this cake five times now and it has not failed me! Each time I have offered it to friends and family and it has been met with surprise, delight and shock when I mention the ingredients… and everyone goes back for seconds!

You may have heard of Hollywood and other celebrities who are raw foodists, such as Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson. Jason Mraz, and Sting. Now, if only I had their income and could employ a chef to prepare me beautiful raw, organic dishes day and night! What’s your no-fail raw diet tip or hit recipe?

About informedmama

I'm an Aussie mum blogging about my parenting journey, toxic chemical-free living, healthful living, nutrition, food as medicine and my learnings as I head towards semi self-sufficiency.
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