Haters gonna hate!

Recently I have read some lovely blog posts only to see some interesting and inappropriate comments posted in response. One post was Real Food Fridge about what the author has in her fridge. The photo and description show things like whey, sauerkraut, homemade jams, sauces and dressings, sourdough culture and so on (I was excited – take the meat away and it looks a lot like our fridge!).  The second was from {a little delightful} outlining some questions and answers about what the author feeds her children, which happens to be food cooked from scratch and mostly devoid of nasties.

In both cases there were overwhelmingly positive and supportive comments, and there were also some not-so cheery responses, such as-

“Gack!  This post reads so smug … with its supposedly totally candid photos of your (digitally labeled) typical (and perfect) fridge contents is self-indulgent and self-righteous, a real (food) turn-off.   When the sting is gone from my comment, consider the sentiment.”

“im sorry. let kids just be kids. have fun and enjoy food. create memories and live a little! i used to like your blog, not so much anymore.”

“Are you on some high horse or something? Think youre better than the rest of us who feed our kids normal foods? I agree, not a fan of youre blog anymore. Tired of being made to feel like the most shit parent.”

Let’s set some things straight. No blogger ever sets out to write a post that will make other people feel like crap. If you read something and you feel challenged, convicted, condescended, guilty, offended or upset, then that is not the blogger’s fault. It is a reflection of your own self-worth and closed-mind.

Bloggers write posts to inspire, inform, connect, resonate, and share. No blogger ever claimed to be perfect, and noone posting altruistic and useful information should ever have to tone down their content for fear of offending someone, especially when the topic is health and wellness. Bloggers are people sharing their experiences, and sometimes those experiences are similar to people’s every day lives, and some can be far removed. That’s what makes their blogs interesting and that’s why people keep coming back to read them.

People on a conscious journey (be that health, peaceful parenting, natural living etc) who are blogging are not where they are because they woke up yesterday and radically changed their lives. Small steps over a period of time take you to a new place, where you can look back and reflect on where you have come from and how much you have learned and developed along the way. A blog is a wonderful tool for documenting that journey and for connecting with others of like mind. If a blogger is leaps and bounds apart from where you currently are, that’s okay. It doesn’t make them pretentious or holier-than-thou, and they certainly don’t think they are ‘better than you’.  They’ve simply taken more or different steps on their journey and are welcoming you to come along. Or not. There’s nothing wrong with reading something and thinking, ‘well, fair enough, but that’s not for me’.

So quit hatin’! Show some respect for the people who choose to share their learning and experiences. These bloggers are putting positive and helpful messages out, they deserve the same in return.

About informedmama

I'm an Aussie mum blogging about my parenting journey, toxic chemical-free living, healthful living, nutrition, food as medicine and my learnings as I head towards semi self-sufficiency.
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5 Responses to Haters gonna hate!

  1. Bianca says:

    Oh thank you thank you! That is such a great post – I hope you don’t mind if I share it?

    You said it perfectly – not at all trying to make people feel bad. And like everything out there – take it or leave it, no judgement on my part. I am just sharing 🙂

    Thank you ! xx

    • informedmama says:

      Hi Bianca, of course you can share the post! It’s sometimes hard when we get heaps of positive feedback and then one or two negative comments – we tend to dwell on those (not just in blogging, but life in general). I’m happy to have come across your blog and I look forward to following along! – Emma

  2. Kylie says:

    Great post and most people that write such comments are generally people that dont take posts for what they are – a point of view! Everything in life is a choice and just because someone says they do something one way doesnt mean you have to and they arent saying that you have to… some people need to take a long hard look at themselves!

  3. What a breath of fresh air. Yes, yes, yes.

    I’m amazed at how far some people will reach to feel offended. I wrote a post a while back about why I avoid filling my house with plastic baby crap. (My reasons included that it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper, etc). One woman responded saying, “I’m not a worse parent just because I use those things!” I was taken aback. I never implied that using these things made you a worse PARENT! In these situations, I have to remind myself of what you’re saying here: it’s not (always) my fault when others get offended by what I share.

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