I am forever changed in motherhood. Informed Mama is tracking my journey as I navigate through conscious parenting, natural and toxic chemical-free living, improved nutrition, food as medicine, and semi self-sufficiency.

I am an Aussie who has been married to Informed Papa for twenty years. Together we have two children, I refer to them on this blog as Boy Wonder (born Dec 2009) and Sunshine Girl (born Sept 2011).


9 Responses to About

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Kerry-Lee Harney says:

    You inspire me Emma. Such a great mamma…. I look forward to reading and learning xo

  3. Mama Gringa says:

    Loving this next phase in your parenting life. 🙂

  4. Hi! Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Just saw your site and love what you are doing! I would love to speak to you further about your site and my site!

    Jennifer Hankey
    Organic Baby University

  5. mrsgaudette says:

    Haaaaalp! I think I have a yeast infection and need tips before I pass on to nursling, Hunter!

    • informedmama says:

      oh nooo! cut out all sugars as well as any white bread, rice and alcohol. Get a probiotic into you, or homemade fermented food if you have any (like sauerkraut). You can apply yoghurt, organic unrefined coconut oil or crushed garlic topically, but make sure it is plain, natural yoghurt. Diluted apple cider vinegar or diluted tea tree oil can also be applied topically – will just depend what you happen to have around the house. I hope you can clear it up quickly! PS. we need to be FB friends!

  6. sonia says:

    i’m so happy to find your website. i am on the informed parenting journey, too! we share a family bed and our baby’s diapers often leak, so i’m looking for solutions that are non-toxic (i don’t want to sleep on nylon/vinyl, etc…) Any thoughts, suggestions for a natural fiber water resistant kind of sheet? Of course, ‘change his diaper more frequently’ is the most obvious solution, but i’m bleary eyed in the nights…

    • informedmama says:

      hi there! you could try a woollen soaker over your baby’s diaper. It wicks the liquid away so keeps them dry, and it absorbs the liquid so there is no leaking on the sheets. Some diaper stores sell them, or you could take a look on etsy (of if you are clever and know how to knit, you can make your own! there are plenty of woollen soaker instructions available online!)

  7. sonia says:

    that’s a great idea! thank you!

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