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Mama Bake and Mama Make

An old adage suggests it takes a village to raise a child. I have discovered it also takes a village to keep a mother sane. In fact, I believe while the villagers are busy raising the child, they are also … Continue reading

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Dr. Sears seminar – “Why Attachment Parenting is Smart”

Back in January I had the privilege of attending a seminar by Dr. William Sears about attachment parenting (AP).  While I detest labels and boxes, AP is something I relate to on many levels. I never set out to be … Continue reading

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Review: The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

I should start this review by declaring that I am not a member of my local Weston A Price Foundation chapter and while there are some things I love about the WAPF, I don’t think it is a completely balanced … Continue reading

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My breastfeeding experiences

I am a breastfeeding champion! Well, I thought I was when I had my son, but things have been a little different with my daughter. In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week and in support of normalising breastfeeding, here’s my experience … Continue reading

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Sleep Training

I don’t engage in cry-it-out methods of sleep training (also known as controlled crying, or in some cases to ease parental guilt it’s called controlled comforting), and here are a few reasons why: – Sleep is a natural human function. It should … Continue reading

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Why I don’t fit in with mums’ groups

Have to laugh at ourselves, I guess! Informed Papa and I found this video hilarious because so much of it sounds like me… the co-sleeping, breastfeeding, pottying, organic food using, sign language using… oh dear!

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