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Ring ring! Ring ring!

My sister-in-law recently telephoned the customer service line of a major cosmetics house. She wanted to know the ingredients list of her eye cream, as it was not listed on the product anywhere. The representative she spoke with said they … Continue reading

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Soaking dried beans

Informed Papa and I consume a fair amount of canned beans and legumes. Since learning that canned foods contain bisphenol A (BPA) (there are plenty of links about this matter, here’s another one) I’ve been experimenting with soaking and cooking … Continue reading

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Dr. Massage quote

“Around 70 per cent of foods in supermarkets are not fit for human consumption” – Dr Leon Massage, spokesperson for weight loss and nutrition for the Australian Medical Association and medical director for the Body Metabolism Institute.

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Risky chemicals in non-stick pans

Further to my last post on hormone disrupting chemicals in milk, I stumbled upon a report on two chemicals linked to endocrine disruption which are found in non-stick pans and stain resistant fabrics – and strangely enough are associated with … Continue reading

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Waging the war against chemicals

Early last year, InformedPapa began showing some strange symptoms and wasn’t in full health. Under the care of a naturopath he had some allergy testing with some surprising results. Among them was preservatives.  This kick-started our skills in being label … Continue reading

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