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Inside my fridge

Earlier this week Natural New Age Mum asked if I would share a photograph of inside my fridge and write a blog post to go along with it as part of a blog hop – see the links below to … Continue reading

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Review: The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

I should start this review by declaring that I am not a member of my local Weston A Price Foundation chapter and while there are some things I love about the WAPF, I don’t think it is a completely balanced … Continue reading

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Homemade oat and coconut milk

I have a new love in my life. Oat and coconut milk. Simple to make, and incredibly delicious. Here’s how I make it: 1. Put 1/3 cup wholegrain rolled oats and 1/3 cup organic shredded coconut in a jug and … Continue reading

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My adventures in making non-dairy milks

I’ve been experimenting with making my own non-dairy milks because Informed Papa is dairy intolerant. I wish he could just consume raw dairy, life would be much easier!  First up I attempted to make rice milk. I boiled brown rice … Continue reading

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Rice milk for infants?

Gah! and double gah!  Since I posted last week about no longer drinking cows’ milk I have been doing some more reading. Boy Wonder (9 months old) is still breastfed, but I have been mixing rice milk in his porridge. … Continue reading

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Why I no longer drink milk

Milk.  We are raised believing we need to drink it, and that it’s essential to develop strong teeth and bones. Well, that’s bollocks. One of the better books I have ready recently is The Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford.  … Continue reading

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